Need To Find Fast And Affordable Plumbing Services In Durban?

Burst geysers and other plumbing issues never come at a convenient time. You might be busy enjoying one of the many local attractions in Durban, to return home and find your house submerged in water. Ok, not completely submerged but enough to do serious damage.

Water can wreak havoc in the home — damaging walls, floors and furniture — which are all expensive to repair and replace. The longer your plumber takes to arrive and fix your problem, the more damage you can expect. You’ll want to call someone who will show up in less than an hour, like Drain Meister.

Another requirement, when choosing a plumber, is experience. Now is not the time to hire an amateur for the job. Drain Meister has nearly a decade of plumbing experience and we’ve seen it all. Within a few minutes, we will do a thorough inspection and present you with the best solution. All, of course, at very affordable rates.

We are rated as top plumbers in Durban and we take great pride in our work which is why we offer a 6-month guarantee on all our jobs. If that doesn’t give you peace of mind, we don’t know what will.

Other than domestic, industrial and commercial plumbing, we also offer various other services:

  • Bathroom renovations
  • Solar and electric geyser installations
  • CCTV inspections and surveys
  • Heat pump installations

Caught by surprise with a blocked drain or a burst geyser? Do you hear water dripping but can’t find the origin? We can help! We’ll send out one of our highly-trained professional technicians to fix your plumbing problem today!

No need to wait hours or even days for someone to come out. Our emergency plumbing services are at your service. For more information about our services, get in touch with the team or give us a call for your plumbing emergency right now.